The Antiracist Classroom encourages and facilitates anti-racist art and design practice.

To this end, we curate spaces, ways of working, and relationships through which artists and designers, especially, can practice cultivating anti-racist creative practices — from our actual classrooms to our studios to our neighborhoods.

11/07: AICAD INCLUDE ME Symposium: “Outside/In”
11/19: To Hell with Good Intentions? Dinner
11/20: To Hell with Good Intentions? Workshop

ICYMI ︎ REPRESENT: Power in Color At least 100 folks joined us to celebrate with the 21 students and alumni of color who contributed work. Check out the photos from the event and info on contributing creatives here.

ICYM I︎ Reconstructing Practice

Reconstructing Practice brought over 100 participants to Art Center’s Wind Tunnel on July 13 - 14 for sessions, fellowship, and a gallery opening. Check out the video below or the book here.


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Call for Entries

We invite you to submit your creative manifesto for the first issue of Alter: A manifesto is anything and everything that defines you, your work, and things you want to tell the world. It is a juxtaposition of things you’ve learned, encountered, and all the elements that define you.

This issue of Alter is a declaration of the amalgamation of identities and beliefs students of color  have at ArtCenter. As we embark on our journey of critique and expression through future issues of Alter, we want to use this first issue to articulate  who we are and what shapes us.

Submissions may respond to the following questions:

How do you express your beliefs through your work?

How does your body of work represent who you are?

What parts of your life inform your perspective and position?

How is your work informed by the current state of socio-political affairs?


Calls open 
Tuesday, Oct 09

Thursday, Oct 24

Launch event 
Nov, 2018

What to Submit 

What expresses you the best? Every individual has a medium they like to express themselves in. Words are not for everyone, but neither is doodling. Feel free to submit your manifesto in any form to respond to the prompt. We welcome submissions of a variety of formats and genres such as:


Short stories





or any combination of the above.

Visual art


Critical reviews of books

Art shows, etc

This zine will be put out in limited print format. If you would like to showcase video, audio, or other work that does not fit on a page, please consider submitting a print-format adaptation such as an artist statement, summary of original works, collection of photographs, etc.

Confused? Write to

Send us your entries here