The Antiracist Classroom

is a student-led organization at the Art Center College of Design focused on counteracting racism and white supremacy in design education and practice.

We aim to cultivate a space for students who want to find, create, and engage in opportunities for student activism around issues of racism and white supremacy in the classroom and in design practice. We also offer space for faculty members and staff to be allies and resources to their students, especially students-of-color who encounter racism in the classroom / in their experience as designers.

REPRESENT is an exhibit that showcases works by creatives of color exploring the theme of representation: How do you depict yourself or your identity? How do you want to be seen? How do you shape the ways you’re represented? Submit your proposed work by Wednesday, October 17. 

CALL FOR WORK: Alter/Manifesto ︎ NOW OPEN
We invite you to submit your creative manifesto for the first issue of Alter: A manifesto is anything and everything that defines you, your work, and things you want to tell the world.  This issue of Alter is a declaration of the amalgamation of identities and beliefs students of color  have at ArtCenter. Submit your work, essays, poetry, short stories, visual art, photography, comics, film, etc by Wednesday, October 24.

ICYMI: Reconstructing Practice

Reconstructing Practice brought over 100 participants to Art Center’s Wind Tunnel on July 13 - 14 for sessions, fellowship, and a gallery opening. Check out the video above or the book here.


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We invite you to
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manifesto for the
first issue of Alter.

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