Call for Ideas

All submissions should be made through the form at this link by Saturday, March 31 at 12AM PT. All contributors will be notified of their acceptance no later than April 30. Questions? Contact the organizers at 

Reconstructing Practice invites contributions from fields of design research, media studies, participatory design, entertainment design, illustration, graphic design, architecture, transportation design, industrial design, curatorial practices, and the arts more broadly. The field of practice—as long as it falls into some aspect of art, design and/or technology—is less important than the idea’s relevance to at least one of the convening’s three thematic areas. Reconstructing Practice invites submissions that will offer new, different, and important ways of considering, creating, or encouraging an antiracist art and design field.

We are seeking contributions that:

  • Offer a clearly defined purpose and set of outcomes for participants or viewers
  • Appeal to the intended audiences described here or help us realize an important audience we might have missed
  • Advance and help to scope out the dimensions and possibilities of one of the convening’s themes

Reconstructing Practice will feature a mix of sessions, social spaces, and media. The types of content we hope to see may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Have you done a research project or paper that hasn’t yet seen the light of day?
  • Do you want to teach a co-making workshop on how crocheting is the key to both peak personal relaxation in the midst of an unbearable graduate workload and physicalizing the interconnections between critical race theory and the postmodern implications of race, class and gender?  
  • Do you and some friends want to create a ___________ [poster series, painting, set of sculptures, zine, fill in the blank] based on your experience with racial microaggressions as a designer of color in a sea of white?
  • Would you like to co-facilitate a discussion about a topic you’ve been dying to talk about but no one around you is equipped / willing to have the conversation?  
  • Do you want a group of thoughtful, critical, people of color to give you feedback on a work-in-progress?
  • Is there a site, organization, gallery, or event somewhere in LA that people absolutely must experience as part of this event?
  • Is there some skill or topic you want to learn more about that would take your research or racial justice practice to the next level?  
  • Is there someone you’re dying to hear speak about representation in entertainment design? 

How to Submit

To submit an idea, be prepared to share the following. All submissions should be made through the form at this link:

  • A 500 word or less summary. Rough sketches or mockups are welcome too, if that helps you get the idea across.
  • If you’re recommending a speaker or facilitator other than yourself, please include their contact information (email and phone) and let us know if you’d be willing to help coordinate with them.
  • If you’re submitting a completed work of art / design / installation / etc. please include photos of the piece(s) and dimensions.