Conversations about race-related microaggressions (the casual degradation of any marginalized group) and overt expressions of racism at Art Center have revealed that students, faculty and staff often feel ill-equipped to respond. This poster series aims to start a dialogue around ways to speak out in the moment or hold those responsible accountable for their actions or words. 

Design a poster that answers the following question: 

What tools, strategies or approaches might you use to interrupt or counteract microaggressions?

Posters are due by Friday, November 10.

This call for posters is open to all creatives, from amateurs and semi-professionals to professionals, Art Center students and non-Art Center students. Posters will be printed by the Antiracist Classroom after review by the Antiracist Classroom team and advisors. They will also be distributed in the following ways:

  • Exhibit & Critique.
    Each poster will be displayed in an exhibit and open critique on Tuesday, November 14.

  • Newspaper.
    All poster submissions will be compiled into the inaugural issue of a student-run newsprint publication that will be distributed at Art Center in Week 12 or later.  

  • Online.
    Each poster will be displayed in an archive on the Antiracist Classroom website and on social media.


October 23
Call Opens

October 30
Thumbnails Due

November 10
Posters Due

November 14
Exhibit & Critique

Poster Format

  • PDF or .JPG format
  • 11”x17” or 14”x20” - FLUSH, no border
  • CMYK color mode
  • Submissions must include < 200 word statement describing the relevance of your work and how it connects to the prompt.

Contact Info

Email all submissions and questions to antiracistclassroom@gmail.com. You may also contact Lauren Williams at (301-758-6759) with questions. The review team will include: Kayla Salisbury, Esther Pearl Watson, Lauren Williams, Bianca Nasser, Godiva Veliganilao Reisenbichler, and Jimena Alessandra Gamio Valdivieso.