Featured Artists 

The gallery opening will take place on Friday, July 13 from 5 - 8 PM at the Windtunnel. The gallery will feature work that celebrates and examines the complexity and breadth of racialized identities, critiques art and design education, and materializes the ties between art and activism. The opening will be punctuated by a performance from Ari Melenciano: Alaïa’s Lab. Ari’s performance is a living, breathing installation with DJing, live-beat making, live drawing, and sound interactive visuals that respond to the construction and deconstruction of the Black identity, the commodification and expression of culture, and the nuances of Blackness.

The following artists, designers, and technologists will be displaying work in the gallery at Reconstructing Practice. 

Gentrification is Genocide / 3 Words
Danny Perez, artist / Art Center student

Our Oppressions are Connected
Antonio Serna, independent artist

Narratives of Resistance (NORM) Magazine Bryan Ortega, fine artist and 2018 Art Center graduate

What they Don’t Want us to Talk About
Joanne Lee, fine artist / 2018 Art Center graduate

Brown and Proud
Luis Zepeda, fine artist / 2018 Art Center graduate

Ash Alexander, artist / Art Center student

As Within / So Without
Amonwan Mirpuri, independent artist

Huella Negra
Hugo Arellanes Antonio, photographer / activist

Alaia’s Lab Ari Melenciano, designer / multidisciplinary visual + sonic artist / creative technologist