What tools, strategies or approaches might you use to interrupt or counteract microaggressions?

November 14, 2017 at 870 South Raymond Ave.

On Tuesday, November 14, The Antiracist Classroom convened about forty students, faculty, and locals for dinner, an exhibit and open dialogue to reflect on work submitted to our call for posters. The call invited participants to explore microaggressions through visual art and design. The event centered itself around the 35 submitted posters as provocative conversation objects and their 13 creators as leaders in the resulting discourse. We were joined by four guest facilitators: Kenyatta Hinkle (independent artist and faculty at Art Center), Maceo Paisley (multidisciplinary artist, designer, and cultural producer), Sue Bell Yank (writer, producer, and arts educator), and Michelle Ann Mathews (multicultural artist, designer, and photographer). We came together at “The Spot” in the Fine Art & Illustration building at 870 South Raymond Ave: a student-run space first occupied by Joanne Lee and Bryan Ortega in direct response to censorship and silencing of student voices at Art Center.

All photos in this gallery were taken by Johnny Perez.