The Antiracist Classroom encourages and facilitates anti-racist art and design practice.

To this end, we curate spaces, ways of working, and relationships through which artists and designers, especially, can practice cultivating anti-racist creative practices — from our actual classrooms to our studios to our neighborhoods.

11/07: AICAD INCLUDE ME Symposium: “Outside/In”
11/19: To Hell with Good Intentions? Dinner
11/20: To Hell with Good Intentions? Workshop

ICYMI ︎ REPRESENT: Power in Color At least 100 folks joined us to celebrate with the 21 students and alumni of color who contributed work. Check out the photos from the event and info on contributing creatives here.

ICYM I︎ Reconstructing Practice

Reconstructing Practice brought over 100 participants to Art Center’s Wind Tunnel on July 13 - 14 for sessions, fellowship, and a gallery opening. Check out the video below or the book here.


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(01/20) - 9 AM

The college has prioritized their DEI Action Plan. The Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion held DEI Action Plan Roundtable Discussions in Fall 2020 where students were invited to speak on certain topics.

As BIPOC student organizers, having these repeated conversations over the years is exhausting. We always dedicate our time and energy because these issues are important. Ultimately, it is not our job to design solutions for institutions that are rooted in white supremacy, racism and anti-Blackness.

Moving forward, we will be continuing to push for our demands to be implemented but we will also hold space for community events, opportunities and projects as we have done over the past years.

What that will look like:
  • BIPOC Grounding Meditation Hour
  • NewsLetter with BIPOC grants/scholarships, residencies and free resources
  • Discussions, Dine-Ins and Design: A Lunch-In Podcast
  • & More!

How to Get Involved:
  • Follow us on social media
  • Email us to get on our email listing (
  • Participate in events!

Thank you to the students, faculty and staff for the continued support.


Sat. August 22 Protest in front of 1111 at 4PM
Sun. August 23 Zoom Meeting to solidify our tuition strike logistics.  (more details to come)

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(07/20) - 7pm
In the past week two emails have been sent out by the DEI office and DEI council responding to @blackataccd. We appreciate acknowledgement but ultimately there has been no commitment to our demands. We want to encourage everyone who is just seeing this account for the first time to look over our demands and sign our petition. For everyone who has been here, thank you for helping us get to 1,000 signatures- we need all that energy to keep showing up while we continue to fight for students rights at ArtCenter.


(08/15) - 6:30PM
Member’s Statement Upon Stepping Down from Role on the DEI Council

We are sharing the potent statement written by the faculty and staff who stepped down in protest from the DEI Council on August 6th. Our school can never be free from oppression if it continues at every step to exclude, ignore, and erase those working to systematically change ArtCenter. (Via DEI Member’s Statement PDF)

(08/14) - 1:15pm
ArtCenter College of Design President Lorne Buchman has dropped the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Plan. They also dropped the ball.

Executive Cabinet excluded the DEI Council from the Action Plan formation while never instituting any of their proposals, prompted 10 leading members of the council to resign citing a failure of shared governance that Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer, reassured students weeks ago in a letter (Action Plan Update: Wed, Jul 15) was an integral part of the plans creation. (Via DEI Council Meeting Recording Link)

Not only has shared governance failed but Aaron Bruce admitted in that council meeting that it had been his intention to dissolve the council from the onset of his hiring, showing that the executive leadership of ACCD planned for the shared governance failure in order to consolidate power.

Shared governance began from student sit-ins demanding tuition reduction, and it is of no surprise when there is the largest amount of student organizing on campus since then that administration decides to remove institutional power from faculty and students.

Every one of the 40 initiatives is a failure. It’s self congratulatory on what they are already doing while promising nothing. We reject the DEI Action Plan and will be going on a tuition strike until our demands are met.

#ACCDwedemand #ACCDracist #antiracistclassroom #ArtCenterWithout #blackatACCD