Represent is a short-film festival dedicated to shifting the narratives told about people of color through stories that reflect on our ever-growing dreams, realities and imaginations.

This exhibit  celebrated Art Center’s students and alumni of color and their explorations of self, identity, and visibility through creative work.

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The Antiracist Classroom encourages and facilitates anti-racist art and design practice.

To this end, we curate spaces, ways of working, and relationships through which artists and designers, especially, can practice cultivating anti-racist creative practices — from our actual classrooms to our studios to our neighborhoods.

01/30: Discussions, Dine-Ins and Design: A Lunch-In Podcast

ICYMI ︎ REPRESENT: Power in Color
At least 100 folks joined us to celebrate with the 21 students and alumni of color who contributed work. Check out the photos from the event and info on contributing creatives here.

ICYM I︎ Reconstructing Practice
Reconstructing Practice brought over 100 participants to Art Center’s Wind Tunnel in July 2018 for sessions, fellowship, and a gallery opening. Check out the video below or the book here.


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